This site is meant to be my creative outlet from my geeky perspective.

Brandon Hanvey creator of thegeekout
I'm a graphic designer/illustrator in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also co-moderate the indie forum at Some of my favorite things are: comics of all kinds, Weezer, skate board sneakers, geeky topics.

Some people have asked if I do freelance illustration. And yes, I do. Drop me an email if you want me to draw something for you.

Alistair Kennedy creator and writer, "The Adventures of Stuart & Jamie"
Alistair is a Scottish writer with a body of published journalism and poetry to his name. The Adventures of Stuart and Jamie is his first comics work since he was ten. He is content editor and founder of critically acclaimed pop culture commentary and review website He hopes The Adventures of Stuart and Jamie meet with the approval of the notoriously fickle audience. Naturally, if anyone wants to publish a Stuart and Jamie comic, then you have his email address.